Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Singing and Swinging

Ok, so today is absolutely Gorgeous! and the Becksfort Ladies are taking full advantage. We got up this morning and were at the park by 10 am. It was fabulous, Teresa and Darian went with us and we spent 2 hours sliding and swinging.

Cute report of the day... Jilli had apparently forgotten that she is brave enough to climb the big playset all by herself, so Ali held her hand the first time through and walked her all the way to the slide. It was adorable. Ali was so encouraging "good job Jilli", "come on Jilli". Ahhh, a mother's dream. After that Jilli was fine.

The swings were also a grand old time. We sat and swung very gently in the big girl swings for the first time, but we still spent most of the time flying high on the toddler swings. We had been swinging for a few minutes and I was talking to Teresa when I realized the chatter coming from my ladies was not really chatter. Ali was singing. Singing her own little tune that she was making up as she went. It was a sweet song, with not too many real words. But anyone who grew up within ear shot of Jason West knew the smile that came to my face. The joy that makes a child sing....