Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ravi Zacharius

Wow. That's mostly what I can say about getting to see Ravi Zacharius yesterday. There were 3 speakers: Ravi, Amy Orr-Ewing, and Stuart McAllister. They are all 3 brilliant, brilliant people and anyone who says you have to be stupid to be a Christian has never listened to any of them.
They all three spoke on the topic of truth and it was refreshing. I suggest going to and just looking around. it's pretty heavy philosophical stuff, but it's really useful to figure out the bigger issues behind the symptoms. Amy Orr-Ewing's talk is covered in an article on the website called "You don't honestly believe that". It's about trusting the Bible.

oh, just an FYI real quick. There is a great article on about the truth behind the Stem Cell bills HR 810 and HR 596 that are coming up. Definitely worth being educated about.
Have a great day everyone!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Taylor the Latte Boy

Well, as I sit here ready to relay the doings of the Becksfort family on this beautiful sunday morning, my ornery husband strikes again....
The all too familiar sounds of "Taylor the Latte Boy" float into the dining room. This is a song that I played for days after attending the Women of Faith Conference in Columbus with my mom and aunt and some friends. I played it to the point of driving Mike and myself crazy. At one point I figured out that after playing the song once, it took approximately 3 days to get it out of my head. I had the bad judgement to share this information with Mike. Now whenever he gets an ornery itch, the song flows through the house and you will find my husband smiling like the cheshire cat.

"bring me java, bring me joy"....

Anyhoo, this morning's story of the ladies. We tried a new church today. College Hill Presbyterian has a wonderful celebration service. The message was great and the music was wonderful, of course we learned that they are about to change their services and schedule (is there any on-fire bible teaching contemporary churchwith a good kids program that is not in a state of flux anywhere?). The girls liked their sunday school and we liked their program. They have a time of group worship for all the kids up to age 5. The girls loved the singing! It was a good time for everyone, and we left the church all being uplifted and ready to head home for lunch. But it was only 10:15. It was a 9 am service and we are not used to that:). So there was some confusion and we decided a snack was in order. So we'll share a bowl of goldfish.
No wait...
Let's dump some of the fish onto a plate for Jilli and Ali can have the bowl so there are no arguments. Ahhhh, peace.
Wait, what's this....
Ali has noticed that a baby doll is "stuck" in the Barbie car and heads to the rescue. With her sister's back turned, Jilli deftly dumps the rest of the fish onto her plate and declares Ali "all done".
Ali turns back around. "I need more".
What a team.