Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Fun

Today I shall start my post which will become the understood fact for all future posts. Time is not a fixed standard and I know this because it is passing much more quickly now than it did when I was 5 years old. We are all under a delusion which is perpetuated by the "clock" and it's lies of consistency. Now on to the rest of the post.... school starts in 8 days. Just yesterday I met a man who told me his wife had his youngest daughter for the summer except for vacation, and she was coming home next week. I asked the next logical question "where are you going on vacation then?". Um, no she's coming home for school to start, they had already done the vacation earlier in the summer. My mind was so boggled that i felt literally dizzy. What? I am in no way prepared for such a thing. not emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Yikes.
So since summer is almost over, I will share with you what we did with it. We had parties, we had swim team and swim meets, we had drama camp, we had Puppet Shows, we did a Beth Moore study, we went to a train show, we went to Panegyri, we did VBS, we went to the pool, we did supper with our M&Ms Sunday school class, we walked with friends, we rode bikes, we helped with yearbook, we had a yard sale, we had wednesday night dinners with the Gasts, we had family vacations, we had Dads in hospitals (all out now and doing great), we had swim championships, we helped friends move in up the street, we had swim ministry, we saw the bird show at the zoo, we had a family camping trip, we rode our first water slide, we had a day in Dollywood, we had Women of Faith, we went to Georgia and kayaked for the first time, we went ice skating in August, we packed meals for starving kids in Uganda, we helped with a friend's wedding, we were a bubble girl, we learned to recite Shel Silverstein, we listened to all of the Chronicles of Narnia on CD, we went to the pool, we had movie night, we wore out the expensive swim suits, we had a cousin get engaged, a cousin have a baby, a cousin get married and a visit from a cousin we haven't seen in *cough* years and met their beautiful baby, we had a great friend get cancer, we had friends say goodbye to Killer, we read books, we played pilgrims, we started a fort in the woods, we lost the owl in our woods, we put in a pond, we threw a wedding shower and we slept in late one time, or maybe two.
Although we didn't get around to making a list of things we wanted to do this summer, it's nice to have a list of things we did to help us get over the fact that it's almost done (at least as far as free time goes). now it's time to print off the school supply lists and hope the crayons and dry erase markers aren't all gone at Wal-mart.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

little miss 'tude

This morning's glimpse into the mind of Veronica.

Veronica: out of nowhere grumps through living room
Mike: What's wrong Vee?
Veronica: Me go my room, me no have tell you.
Me: seriously? [snicker, snicker, laughing] 
Mike (to me): I blame you for this.
Veronica reappears from the hallway: You no "Ha Ha Ha"
Me: [Rolling on floor with tears in my eyes]

None of our other children have been nearly this bossy and sassy. And we did not laugh at them nearly this much. we are creating a monster.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

When Suzy grows up

My friend Maggie picked up Suzy for a playdate the other day with her son. Grady and Suzy are in kindergarten together and Grady is the only boy that Suzy has even noticed in her class. She is so very different from the twins who each had declared a future husband by this time of kindergarten. But, I digress.... Grady is Suzy's friend and had invited her over to play, so Maggie picked them up from school and was headed back to her house and overheard this conversation in the back.
Suzy: Grady.
Grady: yea, Suzy.
Suzy: I wish I was my mom and my mom was me.
Grady: Why?
Suzy: Cause my mom does everything better.

There will come a day when she doesn't feel this way any more, but goodness, I'm really enjoying age 5.