Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I found them all like this after a few moments of quiet made me feed the need to investigate (as two of them are still in the age where quiet can be dangerous). Even day 4 of snow-trapment has it's cuteness.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

It was a one day school week for the twins this week. Even Suzy went to school for two days, Mike went for 3 (although he was REALLY bummed about having to go that third day). Jillian slept in till almost 10 this morning and then came out to say "Is it a not school day?" To which Suzy pipes in "Do I have school today Mommy?". Suzy loved that she had school on Tuesday when the twins were off for teacher in-service. Thursday we all had the day together, even Xavier closed so Mike had the full day off. Mike snuck in an afternoon nap, and Jillian found it weirdly hilarious that he was snoring. Sing-songing that "dad's snoring, dad's snoring, dad is snoring.... that's so weird"

It's too cold to go outside and take advantage of the almost 6 inches of snow, and amazingly there has been so much snow this winter that the girls aren't quite as enamored with it as they ought to be. This is the first year that Jillian and Alyssa have gone sledding without us. They've just suited up and headed out back for the first few snow storms. Suzy still prefers to stay warm inside with Mommy since Veronica's not a huge fan of the snow yet. Suzy will go sledding with Mike or I if we go out while Vee is napping, but she prefers to explore the woods and play hide and seek. Sledding makes you go pretty fast, and Suzy's quite cautious about her speed of life.

On our way home from dinner with the Gasts' this evening Alyssa says "Oh no! we forgot to make time to play with the Nicholases." When Mike and I replied that we had had a pretty full day of playing with other friends and it was too cold to play outside today anyway, Suzy responded "We forgot to ask if we could go outside and play and You forgot to say No Mom". Guess we'll have to remember tomorrow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm serious.

On the way to 3Cs last week for Suzy's preschool class, I overheard this exchange in the back seat.

Suzy: ROAR!!!!!!!!!
Vee: hysterical laughter
Suzy: Beronica! It's not funny. ROAR!!!!!
Vee: more hysterical laughter
Suzy: Beronica. I'm roaring at you. It's not funny. If a dragon roars at you that means he's going to EAT you.
Veronica: staring in rapt attention at her big older wiser sister.
Suzy: Mom- Don't worry about me. I'm teaching Beronica about dragons back here.