Thursday, May 22, 2008

the baby is 2

time for the phrase that parents can be found all over the world muttering to each other in a state of sincere confusion... "when did that happen?" My baby turned 2 today. We celebrated by driving past the zoo. Once I realized that 2 of the three parking lots were full, we simply waved at the animals as we drove past and headed for a hike at the nature preserve. We managed to walk the smallest nature trail before nature called to Jillian and we headed back to the center for the restrooms. That was the farthest we got into the woods today as we found a small pond teeming with tadpoles to examine for a very long time and then there were caterpillars (while shockingly similar to the ones at our house) that were amazing in every way and must be tended to and corraled and examined till a mothers brain completely shuts off out of boredom thus stimulating the "go home and clean" reflex. If they want to stare at caterpillars, they can do it while I have something to do too. We did take a walk after dinner. Suzy's favorite activity. it's a catch 22 of course because it's a grand birthday activity because she loves it soo very much, but it usually ends in a time-out as she pitches a royal fit when it's over. Not even the "we're going home to have cupcakes" was a consolation to her. She did eventually enjoy her cupcake and the 25th rendition of "Happy to You" for the day. She made Mike blow out her candles. I think she realized he'd had something to do with her success on the previous cake. We ended the day with a nice long bath and her first real attempt to say squirrel during her prayers. This is what threw me into the "she's growing so fast, where has it gone" state that currently encompasses me. My baby doesn't bother to say squirrel, she can't, so she calls them frogs. That's why we started blessing the rodents during prayer in the first place. it was too cute. needed to hear it every day.

"Look Suzy, there's a squirrel! Do you see the squirrel?"

" Yeah"

"Where's the squirrel Suzy?"

"Yeah, Mommie. Frog! Dere's Frog."

What's life going to be like when she actually uses the word squirrel? I suppose she can't call them frogs forever. Just imagine, someday she will even use all those tiny little connecting words in the middle of sentences.