Thursday, December 09, 2010

A new way

Jillian: Alyssa and Hannah! we have a found a great new way and you are not down there. so come on!
Alyssa: A great new way for what?
Jillian: You KNOW! and you're missing it and we're not waiting for you anymore.

20 seconds of silence while everyone's brain gets sucked in by Mario on screen.
Jillian: you have to get over them like that Alex
Alex: I know.
30 seconds of silence as brains turn even mushier.

Alyssa: (hopping up) I'm going downstairs!

Can anyone else follow a conversation between kids that happens in their house? I'm having more and more trouble trying to figure out how they manage to communicate anything to each other. Pronoun Antecedents people. that's all i'm saying.

Friday, December 03, 2010


Suzy: I'm 4 Mom, and I'm growing up. Your bricks don't work to keep me small.
(we tell the children we put bricks on their heads when they sleep so they can't grow up)
Me: I know Suzy, we're going to have to try something else.
Suzy: well someday mom I'm going to be 4 and 4. I'll be 44 and then i'll be the boss of everybody. Is 44 after college or during college mom?

The Suzy version of "see ya later" = "See you sometimes again!"

Jonathon Gast: How many sisters does your sister have?
Suzy: 3
Jonathon: Good. Now how many sisters do you have?
Suzy: 2. Jilli and Ali.
(We discovered later that Beronica is a baby and does not qualify as a sister yet:)