Thursday, December 09, 2010

A new way

Jillian: Alyssa and Hannah! we have a found a great new way and you are not down there. so come on!
Alyssa: A great new way for what?
Jillian: You KNOW! and you're missing it and we're not waiting for you anymore.

20 seconds of silence while everyone's brain gets sucked in by Mario on screen.
Jillian: you have to get over them like that Alex
Alex: I know.
30 seconds of silence as brains turn even mushier.

Alyssa: (hopping up) I'm going downstairs!

Can anyone else follow a conversation between kids that happens in their house? I'm having more and more trouble trying to figure out how they manage to communicate anything to each other. Pronoun Antecedents people. that's all i'm saying.

Friday, December 03, 2010


Suzy: I'm 4 Mom, and I'm growing up. Your bricks don't work to keep me small.
(we tell the children we put bricks on their heads when they sleep so they can't grow up)
Me: I know Suzy, we're going to have to try something else.
Suzy: well someday mom I'm going to be 4 and 4. I'll be 44 and then i'll be the boss of everybody. Is 44 after college or during college mom?

The Suzy version of "see ya later" = "See you sometimes again!"

Jonathon Gast: How many sisters does your sister have?
Suzy: 3
Jonathon: Good. Now how many sisters do you have?
Suzy: 2. Jilli and Ali.
(We discovered later that Beronica is a baby and does not qualify as a sister yet:)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

keep the change

Today we had a life lesson for Jillian. Jillian was the last person out the door this morning to go to church. I specifically told her to close the garage door to the house because we had the a/c on. We had an entire discussion about it because she thought I meant the big garage door. So I clarified and explained why. She said "Yes mama". I went to the car and she followed a minute later. 4 hours later we return home. The garage door to the house is standing wide open and the a/c is running like crazy to keep up. (Insert parents banging heads on wall here).
We decide Jillian needs more of a consequence than just another "talking to". So we decide to charge her $5 from her piggy bank to pay for the a/c. She goes off to her room and we hear change rattling and dollars shifting around. She appears a minute later with a wad of bills. Hands it to her father, says "keep the change" and turns and walks away. She had given us $5.03 :D

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Now everyone knows that babies are very foldable. They stay that way for quite some time. Ali is proving to me that children remain foldable much longer than originally anticipated. You see, here in the Becksfort house, there has been a switch-up in sleeping arrangements. Ali really likes to sleep when she goes to bed, Jillian- not so much. This has created quite a bit of dissenting dialogue after bedtime, especially now that it's so light when they go to bed. So as a threat one night, I say to my darling Alyssa "Do you want to have to share a room with Veronica?" to which she replied "yes!!". So Suzy has moved into the top bunk in the twins room, Jillian is back on the bottom bunk, and Alyssa is squeezing into the top bunk of the toddler bunks that Mike made. A 7 year old in a toddler bed? what kind of horrible parents are we? well, we'd feel worse about it, except that by her own choice she will also go and crawl into the toy chest and close the lid to sleep when Veronica wakes in the night and starts bumping around her crib (or crate as Ali calls it). So compared to the toy chest, the toddler bed is quite roomy. So far it's been a very interesting summer. All 2 days of it:)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

he says he's not my friend

Mama: so why did Owen say he's not your friend anymore Suzy?

Suzy: Well, I said I'm not gonna marry you Owen because when i grow up into a dalt I'm gonna marry my DADDY!!!" (with great emphasis on the Daddy part) "but Owen said 'not a daddy' and I said 'yes, i'm gonna marry my daddy' and then he thought i was evan and didn't recognize me and said he's not my friend. so that's when i yelled and yelled 4 times for you and you came and got me and we walked across the street and I told you about my day. How was your day mama?

I love preschooler stories.