Tuesday, March 27, 2012

little miss 'tude

This morning's glimpse into the mind of Veronica.

Veronica: out of nowhere grumps through living room
Mike: What's wrong Vee?
Veronica: Me go my room, me no have tell you.
Me: seriously? [snicker, snicker, laughing] 
Mike (to me): I blame you for this.
Veronica reappears from the hallway: You no "Ha Ha Ha"
Me: [Rolling on floor with tears in my eyes]

None of our other children have been nearly this bossy and sassy. And we did not laugh at them nearly this much. we are creating a monster.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

When Suzy grows up

My friend Maggie picked up Suzy for a playdate the other day with her son. Grady and Suzy are in kindergarten together and Grady is the only boy that Suzy has even noticed in her class. She is so very different from the twins who each had declared a future husband by this time of kindergarten. But, I digress.... Grady is Suzy's friend and had invited her over to play, so Maggie picked them up from school and was headed back to her house and overheard this conversation in the back.
Suzy: Grady.
Grady: yea, Suzy.
Suzy: I wish I was my mom and my mom was me.
Grady: Why?
Suzy: Cause my mom does everything better.

There will come a day when she doesn't feel this way any more, but goodness, I'm really enjoying age 5.