Saturday, August 03, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

The last leg of our trip had its ups and downs, first the lake we went to in Texas decided not to be a lake anymore. Our plan was to camp near this beautiful lake in a national recreation area. When we got there we found a deserted and empty valley.

 This lake spanned for miles and is now basically a puddle of its former self. The camp sites were shockingly deserted and the wind was a pretty consistent 20-25 mph. Add all those factors together and you get Becksforts back on the road, headed for a motel.
 We did pass Cadillac Ranch and all the kids signed and decorated with Sharpies. Jillian was doing her best to make some logical sense out of Cadillacs buried in the ground for people to decorate. None to be found dear, none to be found. Just fun.
 This made me laugh out loud. "welp, I don't have a trailer, but I've got this extra truck see, but nobody to drive it for me, guess i'll just fix it up so it all works out"

After we crashed in a Route 66 motel for the night, we got up and headed to Lake Eufaualah or something like that in Oklahoma. They still have water in Oklahoma, so that worked out well. the kids swam in the lake and we had smores by the fire and used glow necklaces and Jillian's sword from Disneyland to have a fun late night there. Ali was just about done with bugs at this point though. There's only so much nature a 10 year old girl can handle and the gross factor (as well as the tired factor) were starting to affect her ability to not freak out.

The next morning we had breakfast and headed out to our last stop before home. We drove all the way across Arkansas and into Tennessee. The main thing we noticed about Arkansas was that the scenery was starting to feel familiar again. Trees, hills, you know, normal stuff. vs deserts, flat flat flat flat cowfields, crazy mountain roads. The other thing we noticed about Arkansas is that they need to rename some of their towns (hello, Toad Suck, Arkansas we're talking to you) and reconsider their restaurant names. The "Pig Out Palace" and "Chair Crushers" (complete with logo of fat person breaking a chair) were two that we decided to skip for lunch.

We made our way to Memphis, Tennessee where we turned south to stay at a Jellystone just across the border in Mississippi. We had heard that Jellystones were great for kids, so we thought it would be a treat for our last night camping. It was a great place to stay. They had inflatable water slides and a great pool. There were lots of playgrounds and other kids too. We were the only tent campers but it wasn't as hot as it had been so we were fine. We camped right next to a pond where there were baby toads and tree frogs all over our campsite. We couldn't have planned a better place for the kids to be entertained.

We had planned a Grand "Last Day" for our adventure. We were going to let the kids play in the morning, have a big breakfast, and then head out to Nashville where we were going to stop at an ice cream joint recommended by Taylor Swift herself. We were then going to head up to Louisville and go see the giant Louisville Slugger baseball bat thing that Mike wanted to do and then drive the rest of the way home.
What ended up happening was: we saw the weather report.

 It was a 40% chance of severe thunderstorms starting at 6am.

 Bleh, who wants to spend the last morning of the trip taking down the tent in pouring rain? so... new plan. We got up at 5, broke camp and were on the road by a little after 6 with pop tarts for breakfast. Now the ice cream place didn't open till noon, so we didn't want to sit in the parking lot waiting for 4 hours so we decided to press on. The more we pressed on and the closer we got, the less we wanted to stop and do other stuff, so we just drove home.

Coming home was precious because we have been blessed with incredible friends. Our house was cleaned, our laundry was done, our fridge was stocked, googly eyes were attached to all sorts of funny things around the house, pictures of Hippie Phil Collins were taped in places to startle us, and all of our silverware was frozen in a clump. My favorite part is that it's not just one friend who is so entertaining and wonderful, it's that God has blessed us with many different friends who bring this fun and blessings to our lives.

We are very glad to be home, but I admit we have put another trip in the 5 year plan again.