Sunday, August 24, 2008

Michael Phelps

Ok, all of my daughters know who Michael Phelps is. Tonight while playing charades, Suzy was a "person". She frantically waved her arms in a somewhat swimming motion (after pointing her toes a few times) and was quite specific that she was "Michael Phelps- Yeah!". Jilli and Ali get as caught up during the replays as they did during the original airing of his meets. The topper was this evening during the closing ceremonies. After watching Phelps win "again" by .01 seconds, Ali declares "Michael Phelpy pleases me". Fortunately they were so mesmerized that they did not notice their parents rolling on the floor.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Ok, so with our summer speeding away from us and the home improvement projects lasting longer than planned (as they always do) our big camping trip to the Mohican Wilderness has been postponed a year. The joy of a nuclear family vacation - we can take it whenever we want:).
In order to enjoy a little camping for free we decided to put up the tent in the front yard. It was just another reminder that the kids don't need the whole frills package to enjoy things. They celebrated as if we had just discovered gold in the front yard. The twins helped us put up the tent, and then celebrated the success by having Suzy chase them all around and in and out of it. This was highly entertaining as the first 5 times anyone went in or out, they tripped over the bottom zipper part. There was no crying though, just more laughing and popping up and running again, because camping is about roughing it.
After the tent fun (or "house" fun as Suzy called it) wore off ,we realized it was really hot outside so we went inside to cool off (another perk of home camping). Eventually the evening cooled and we put Suzy to bed (as nobody would have gotten any sleep if she was in the tent) and the rest of the gang headed outside for fun and games. Since we don't have our fire pit yet, we skipped the classic smores and headed straight for flashlight tag. We also played flashlight funny face/scarey face, shadow puppets, and a game called "what's that" - an Ali creation where we tried to guess what the dark shapes outside were (please note parents are no fun at this because they actually know what all the shapes are and also it was a full moon).
Around 10 I was told it was time for me to go inside as it was time for the "real camping" (apparently since i was going to sleep inside with Suzy and not in the tent, I did not qualify for real camping). This coming from two children on comfy marshmellow beds (the great irony being that we had lent out our air mattress to cousin Charlie and so Mike the old man was the only one actually sleeping on the ground. Big Daddy points for him! ) We did agree that it was time for sleep (and one last bathroom break into the house because of the excessive water bottle usage in the tent). So I kissed my campers good-night wondering if they would stay out all night or if they would be coming in at some point.
They did make it all night long and in fact even slept in till after 8! They are definitely their Daddy's daughters, professional campers from the start. Hopefully by next year we can even allow Suzy in the tent.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

the baby is 2

time for the phrase that parents can be found all over the world muttering to each other in a state of sincere confusion... "when did that happen?" My baby turned 2 today. We celebrated by driving past the zoo. Once I realized that 2 of the three parking lots were full, we simply waved at the animals as we drove past and headed for a hike at the nature preserve. We managed to walk the smallest nature trail before nature called to Jillian and we headed back to the center for the restrooms. That was the farthest we got into the woods today as we found a small pond teeming with tadpoles to examine for a very long time and then there were caterpillars (while shockingly similar to the ones at our house) that were amazing in every way and must be tended to and corraled and examined till a mothers brain completely shuts off out of boredom thus stimulating the "go home and clean" reflex. If they want to stare at caterpillars, they can do it while I have something to do too. We did take a walk after dinner. Suzy's favorite activity. it's a catch 22 of course because it's a grand birthday activity because she loves it soo very much, but it usually ends in a time-out as she pitches a royal fit when it's over. Not even the "we're going home to have cupcakes" was a consolation to her. She did eventually enjoy her cupcake and the 25th rendition of "Happy to You" for the day. She made Mike blow out her candles. I think she realized he'd had something to do with her success on the previous cake. We ended the day with a nice long bath and her first real attempt to say squirrel during her prayers. This is what threw me into the "she's growing so fast, where has it gone" state that currently encompasses me. My baby doesn't bother to say squirrel, she can't, so she calls them frogs. That's why we started blessing the rodents during prayer in the first place. it was too cute. needed to hear it every day.

"Look Suzy, there's a squirrel! Do you see the squirrel?"

" Yeah"

"Where's the squirrel Suzy?"

"Yeah, Mommie. Frog! Dere's Frog."

What's life going to be like when she actually uses the word squirrel? I suppose she can't call them frogs forever. Just imagine, someday she will even use all those tiny little connecting words in the middle of sentences.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I blog this so that one day I can (on the advice of my sister) use this information to mortify my children. My children can also credit their continuing lifecycle to the "Good and Angry" book that has been the recent topic of our little book study.

Finally, at the end of a particularly active trip to walmart for a few groceries, i arrive at the checkout ready to be done and in the car headed home. The girls had been, shall we say, energetic during our shopping. Not necessarily disobeying or being wild, but certainly walking that fine line that every mother knows. They sweetly help me load the groceries onto the conveyor and then play with the check writing board that swings out and the usual checking out activities that occur when trapped in a two foot space cornered on every side by toys and candy. (side note that there is a special level of hell for the designer of the checkout line " Lead us NOT into temptation people!") anyway, after noticing that walmart is overcharging 10 - 25 cents for almost every item I have chosen to purchase that day as compared to the posted prices for said items (another level of hell), I proceed to remove my attention from the twins in order to inform the poor cashier of the mistakes.

Please note that of course upon reading this in hindsight, one does go immediately into red alert mode; however, I had assumed that i was being accompanied by my wonderful 5 year old children.

Here is the point that life takes on a slow motion quality. I look up from paying the cashier to see my twins both leaning through a fence barrier type thing and licking (yes you read correctly) pre-packaged bags of popcorn for sale.



5 year olds.

They are both giggling and wiping their tongues all over the packaging as if it's some sort of sugar fountain.
I can tell you that I did use a tone of voice that immediately wiped any sort of smile from their faces and that they are still alive by the grace of God.
I cannot answer the question that everyone who reads this will ask of themselves...... WHY?

and no, i did not purchase the popcorn. but really unless you lick the outside of the bag too, it shouldn't affect you, the poor person who may eventually purchase it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Suzy had a very, very bad nightmare in the wee hours of this morning. There was a great thrashing about in her crib with fussing and crying. Mike, the dutiful father, braved going into her room to see what was the matter even though it was 6:45am (an hour which angers his wife to have to become awake and tend to the children). Poor Suzy did not look at her daddy, she was sound asleep with one final cry escaping her lips..... "mine". One can guess who was the terrible monster(s?) in her dream:)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Geez Louise

Tonight Nanny and Mike took the kids to get ice cream while I went to a mom's night out to regain some perspective and some sanity. So I thought I would share with you the stories that I got to hear when I got home.

The ride home from the ice cream store contained much singing. Inevitably, the song turns to Old McDonald and his wonderful farm, as this is the main song in Suzy's repertoire. She loves to sing "E-I-E-I-O" and has begun to adjust the song a bit as well. For example... Old McDonald had a farm "E-I-E-I-O" and on that farm he had a duck "E-I-E-I-Duck". The twins think this is quite funny. So Michael began the song... Old McDonald had a farm "E-I-E-I-O" and on that farm he had a (pause from my husband to allow children to choose animal)..... "Boober" comes the selection from Ali followed by Suzy's "E-I-E-I-Boob". My fabulous husband doesn't miss a beat "Now Ali, there really is a boober bird and it makes a call something like this (insert choking gargling sound). Can you make that sound?" Ali attempts this gagging and concludes "no". Mike then brings it to the logical conclusion "then you need to pick another animal". Someday my children will spend time trying to find the boober bird in our National Audubon Society's Guide to Field Birds, I am sure of it.

Jillian was about to throw a fit at bedtime because Ali had picked three stories and she had not gotten a chance to pick one. The crisis was averted by my quick thinking and extremely handsome husband. " I didn't realize you hadn't gotten a chance to choose a book, Jillian. You may read one more before bed and choose it." to which he got this response....
"Geez Louise! I'm so lucky!" and no there was no sarcasm in it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cold and Flu Season

I blame Adam and Eve. I seriously doubt there was cold and flu season in the garden of Eden. Without a doubt poor Jillian got the worst of it. A stomach flu, head cold, and pink eye. I knew she wasn't well when she put herself to bed at 11am and slept till 5pm. I would have wanted to sleep it all away too. The good news is that she has emerged victorious! It was a great day to see her dancing around again with the other ladies (who slipped through the germie grasp of the season without a scratch!) But admittedly dancing is a very ambitious activity for someone just feeling better. So we decided to haul up the old atari early (we were taking it to church for our annual congregational meeting) and the girls played space invaders and pac man and Mike played centipede and I discovered the freaky music to haunted house is still freaky and the game still makes me jump at 32. Geesh.