Friday, February 15, 2008

Cold and Flu Season

I blame Adam and Eve. I seriously doubt there was cold and flu season in the garden of Eden. Without a doubt poor Jillian got the worst of it. A stomach flu, head cold, and pink eye. I knew she wasn't well when she put herself to bed at 11am and slept till 5pm. I would have wanted to sleep it all away too. The good news is that she has emerged victorious! It was a great day to see her dancing around again with the other ladies (who slipped through the germie grasp of the season without a scratch!) But admittedly dancing is a very ambitious activity for someone just feeling better. So we decided to haul up the old atari early (we were taking it to church for our annual congregational meeting) and the girls played space invaders and pac man and Mike played centipede and I discovered the freaky music to haunted house is still freaky and the game still makes me jump at 32. Geesh.