Sunday, May 15, 2011

Update on the Simple mom project

Needless to say that weeks 4 & 5 of the decluttering project were abandoned. Week 4 was the refrigerator. Since we use a menu and shop on a tight budget, the fridge doesn't really get too cluttered up. Plus it's behind a door, so it wasn't something that was even remotely motivating to me. Then once you skip one week, it's really hard to get back on that train, plus the last week was a "pick your own" week. I am horrible at making decisions, (hence why i was letting someone else in the world of the interwebs tell me what to clean) so I couldn't "pick my own" anyway. The grand update to this decluttering adventure is that the computer desk is still partially clean, the ledges have remained fairly clear. The girls lost upstairs toy privileges so the toy shelves look ah-mazing, albeit odd as an empty set of shelves in the living room. My favorite part of the update has to be the closet. And not only is it an update, but it's a story in and of itself.
The season switch, as every mother of more than one child knows, is a complicated thing. Especially this year, where the weather has been vacillating more than my moods during a certain week of the month. So my bedroom had become a haven for storage tubs and piles. Sure the piles started out with an obvious label such as "4T Winter", but then one night I'm exhausted and just toss the clean towels and washcloths off the bed so i can crawl into it. Then the next day sweet hubby tosses his dress pants on it and then the pile falls over and mingles with another pile. The storage tubs are picked through and quickly the overall effect is that there is absolutely no floor to be found in my bedroom.
Why am i sharing this so freely over the internet you ask? well, one if you are reading this then more than likely you are my friend and you already know this is the state of my house sometimes (ok, most times) and two, the second reason is the best part of the story (she says through gritted teeth).
I left in the middle of this chaos to go to Women of Faith with some family and friends, the only night i was gone from the house in weeks and weeks and weeks. On THIS night, a neighbor/pta mom/very-connected-woman-in-the-hood/"someone who doesn't know me well" stops by our house to sweetly ask if she can use our bathroom. Hubby thought Suzy was in the guest bathroom taking a bath, so my husband he sends her through our bedroom into our bathroom (did i mention that it had been several weeks since i had cleaned OUR bathroom, nobody uses our bathroom but us. uggh) The guest one practically had that bald man's reflection on every tile in comparison!! So yes, i don't care if all the interwebs knows about my messy bathroom and bedroom because once one person of limited acquaintance has seen the underbelly of my house, the gig is up. I could only imagine this poor woman's mind as she picked her way to my bathroom. "The woods isn't that far away, next time I'll just use the woods. Leaves of three, let it be"