Tuesday, April 24, 2007

While I was blogging

Ali comes over wearing two beaded necklaces. She says "Mom, I love you. Would you like a necklace?" I say " That would be wonderful Ali. I would love a necklace." So Ali takes off one of her necklaces and says "Hold your hair up." and she fastens it around my neck. Then to top it off, she says "This means that you are special Mom. God made you special and I am special too because I have one. Jilli is mean. She has been mean to me all day long." and off she goes.

And don't let anyone tell you that an 11 month old doesn't know right from wrong. I busted Suzy in the kitchen with a bag of crackers she took off the girls table. Jumped a mile high when I said her name (just a sing-songy name, not even a "hey what cha doin" name) and began to shove the crackers in her mouth hand over fist.

Tootie Bum

It's the girls new insult. They made it up all by themselves. You're a tootie bum. Try it the next time you get in a fight with your hubby. :)

Sparkly World

There are a few small differences between growing up in the country and growing up in the city. When we had the girls, we naturally assumed we would move someplace more "country" since Mike and I both grew up in rural areas. Being a kid growing up in a city is something we know nothing about and as the parent, one wants to feel quite confident in their "all knowing" status. It's funny how God's plans differ from our own sometimes. We are beginning to appreciate the "city" side of living, and the girls are showing us the perks from their point of view as well. My favorite so far is "Sparkly World" (which is actually pronounced Spark-a-lee World). Whenever we are driving in the evening or in the dark, the girls are in awe of all the city lights in the distance. We never actually arrive in Sparkly World because city lights look their most sparkly from a little bit of a distance. But you are guaranteed at some point in the drive to hear "Look Mama! Sparkly World!" with just enough excitement to remind us that God has great blessings in store for us wherever we are.