Saturday, December 03, 2011

Bee Baw Day

Veronica's vocabulary is expanding. Praise the Lord! although then it occurred to me that perhaps I need to write down the word that Veronica made up to be her all purpose pronoun. BeeBawDay has been her "go to" word for anything she doesn't know how to express or doesn't want to try to say. Because there are certainly some days where you say to her "Oh, would you like this purse? can you say purse?" and her answer will be "no, BeeBawDay" while pointing at the purse. Her current phrases also include: My Happy Day (we think this refers to her birthday because Suzy talks about her birthday a lot, but Veronica has a LOT of happy days), Dee Dee  (thank you, and those are just sweet words to hear), dja dja (her word for Suzy, although she CAN now say Suzy she just doesn't), Me too! (which is usually accompanied by a sprint as she follows someone doing something), Me Go! (this girl loves, loves, loves to go. go where? anywhere!), Meet cha buddy (she shook my hand the other day repeated this and broke out into crazy giggles. I have no idea where she learned it).  She does try to make little jokes now, she'll say things and then say "ha ha ha" in a little monotone rhythm. I love those little moments inbetween the normal screams of no! and "ready for my canny now mama".