Thursday, November 10, 2005


Yes, it's true! We're expecting again. May 22nd is the due date. There is only one in there this time, we had an ultrasound and made them look around really good. With the first trimester ending, I am feeling much better. I find it ironic that I was more sick with one baby than I ever was carrying two. Jillian is telling everyone she is having a baby brother, so we'll see. There is special joy with this pregnancy because I get to share the experience with my sister-in-law, Leanne. She is due March 26th and is carrying Mr. Ezra Vander Becksfort.

Jilli's story

Today Jilli decided she was going to read her little new testament to me.
"I read you the Bible mommie". Sounds good to me so I sit and she settles in my lap for story time.
"Once upon a time there was Jesus." At this point my mommie heart swells with love and pride, my girl is so smart. The story continues... "Once upon a time there was upon a time" and "Once upon a time there was ......(made up words, made up words)...." Eventually we get to some plot again "Once upon a time there was baby Jesus and he was in... (my mind races to "manger" and I'm feeling good about our progress with the meaning of Christmas for this year until she continues) ..... the store". :) She goes on for a little bit and so then I stop her and say it's time for quiet time so how does it end. "If you're good, you get a green sucker. The End"