Thursday, September 29, 2011

My new Montessori school

Every so often I'll get a bug and start scouring the internet for "creative" learning ideas for the baby. She's my last one, so i vacillate between just barely keeping track of her in the chaos and spoiling her rotten because 'She's my baby!'. All in all it's probably the worst parenting combination to inflict upon a child that we will expect decent behavior out of later, but que sera sera.
Rainbow rice has become my latest 'must do this' idea. Why? you ask, because the water frog is dry and it's too cold for more water. (although i did bust Veronica trying to fill it herself the other day by carrying cup after cup of water from the bathroom through the kitchen out the back door and dumping the last tablespoon of water left in the cup into the frog) so here's a look at the super fun rainbow rice, what child wouldn't be inspired into increasing their IQ by playing with such wonderful stuff.
I love it, it makes me smile. But let me just tell you, do i actually have any rainbow rice in my house? nope, it's on the to do list, and while this to-do list is a lovely thing, my baby is growing right on up regardless of whether or not i have done the things on my to-do list.
The good news here is that I'm already running a Montessori school. Yup, today's first session was compliments of not cleaning up the breakfast dishes. I found Veronica sitting at her booster seat this morning very carefully pouring the leftover juice from breakfast in and out of the 3 juice cups left on the table. She would combine them all into one and then pour a little back into each cup. Then two cups has juice and one was empty and then they all had juice again. Then someone was a little thirsty and then the levels were lower in each cup. I remember doing this exact thing with dried peas at the Montessori school in parkersburg under the watchful eye of Sister Fellamena at DeSales Heights. (although i'm sure i didn't drink the dried peas)

So here's to our little Montessori school, the Administration is a little lax but the teachers sure love their students.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Auntie

If there was one thing I heard from my Auntie growing up, it was "slow down, don't eat so fast". I can only imagine the absolute joy in her heart up in heaven when she watches Suzy eat.

Suzy turned to me the other day with her eyes as wide as they could be saying "Mom, look at my eyes." so I looked deep into those beautiful eyes of my little girl and she says "are they twinkling mama?"
"Yes, my sweet girl, they are the prettiest things i've ever seen".