Thursday, March 27, 2008


I blog this so that one day I can (on the advice of my sister) use this information to mortify my children. My children can also credit their continuing lifecycle to the "Good and Angry" book that has been the recent topic of our little book study.

Finally, at the end of a particularly active trip to walmart for a few groceries, i arrive at the checkout ready to be done and in the car headed home. The girls had been, shall we say, energetic during our shopping. Not necessarily disobeying or being wild, but certainly walking that fine line that every mother knows. They sweetly help me load the groceries onto the conveyor and then play with the check writing board that swings out and the usual checking out activities that occur when trapped in a two foot space cornered on every side by toys and candy. (side note that there is a special level of hell for the designer of the checkout line " Lead us NOT into temptation people!") anyway, after noticing that walmart is overcharging 10 - 25 cents for almost every item I have chosen to purchase that day as compared to the posted prices for said items (another level of hell), I proceed to remove my attention from the twins in order to inform the poor cashier of the mistakes.

Please note that of course upon reading this in hindsight, one does go immediately into red alert mode; however, I had assumed that i was being accompanied by my wonderful 5 year old children.

Here is the point that life takes on a slow motion quality. I look up from paying the cashier to see my twins both leaning through a fence barrier type thing and licking (yes you read correctly) pre-packaged bags of popcorn for sale.



5 year olds.

They are both giggling and wiping their tongues all over the packaging as if it's some sort of sugar fountain.
I can tell you that I did use a tone of voice that immediately wiped any sort of smile from their faces and that they are still alive by the grace of God.
I cannot answer the question that everyone who reads this will ask of themselves...... WHY?

and no, i did not purchase the popcorn. but really unless you lick the outside of the bag too, it shouldn't affect you, the poor person who may eventually purchase it.