Sunday, June 13, 2010

keep the change

Today we had a life lesson for Jillian. Jillian was the last person out the door this morning to go to church. I specifically told her to close the garage door to the house because we had the a/c on. We had an entire discussion about it because she thought I meant the big garage door. So I clarified and explained why. She said "Yes mama". I went to the car and she followed a minute later. 4 hours later we return home. The garage door to the house is standing wide open and the a/c is running like crazy to keep up. (Insert parents banging heads on wall here).
We decide Jillian needs more of a consequence than just another "talking to". So we decide to charge her $5 from her piggy bank to pay for the a/c. She goes off to her room and we hear change rattling and dollars shifting around. She appears a minute later with a wad of bills. Hands it to her father, says "keep the change" and turns and walks away. She had given us $5.03 :D