Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ravi Zacharius

Wow. That's mostly what I can say about getting to see Ravi Zacharius yesterday. There were 3 speakers: Ravi, Amy Orr-Ewing, and Stuart McAllister. They are all 3 brilliant, brilliant people and anyone who says you have to be stupid to be a Christian has never listened to any of them.
They all three spoke on the topic of truth and it was refreshing. I suggest going to and just looking around. it's pretty heavy philosophical stuff, but it's really useful to figure out the bigger issues behind the symptoms. Amy Orr-Ewing's talk is covered in an article on the website called "You don't honestly believe that". It's about trusting the Bible.

oh, just an FYI real quick. There is a great article on about the truth behind the Stem Cell bills HR 810 and HR 596 that are coming up. Definitely worth being educated about.
Have a great day everyone!!!

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