Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Today the girls got their first real haircuts. Ang did it and we saved their precious locks. The girls were really very good for being 2 1/2 and trying to hold still. Their hair blows more in the wind now, especially when swinging in the backyard. It's fabulous. They look so grown up.
They are still their ornery selves, currently staying up late into the night plotting their trip to Nivina. After watching some Jonah video yesterday, they have fixated on going to Nivina (their own version of Ninivah). They correct our pronunciation when we try to suggest Ninivah is the correct name. So far the only specific part of the plan that we can discern is that they are going to say "Israelites" when they get there.
They are good little girls though, as they have discovered how to plot and plan and have fun together without leaving their beds. I guess it's like being at camp every day when you have a twin sister to share your room. Perhaps they will sleep in tomorrow:) ha ha.

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