Thursday, October 20, 2005

Who's coming over

Today I turned to my children and I said "Ok girls, it's time to clean up. Can you help me clean up?" and Jillian promptly says "Who's coming over?". I guess it's pretty obvious how often we do a clean up:)

One other story worth noting is how ingeniously sneaky my children have become. With my current state of exhaustion, the girls have been wonderful about getting up and asking me if they can play in the living room while I rest a little more in bed. It's been a great system, they usually just color or read books and I get another 30 minutes or so of rest before facing the day.
Monday however was an entirely different morning. I awoke to some small scuffling sounds and then a little "uh-oh", promptly followed by "Moooommmmiiiiiieeeee, I need help". So i jump out of bed and head down the hall. When I got to the doorway to the dining room I had to stop. Both of my children were up on my kitchen countertop and there was the sound of splashing as they tromped about.
"Nobody move!" came out of my mouth as if I were the arresting officer.
I head into the kitchen to find my countertops covered in the water that was once the lifeline of my starter plants in the window. Their little carcasses strewn all over the countertops. I turn my attention north to see my children both holding suckers, their faces covered in chocolate. (The homecoming parade that we attended the Friday previous had proven to be an excellent candy score.) While we had been handing out pieces for dessert and occasional treats, the girls decided one big gorge fest while mama slept was a much better plan. I promptly lifted both soggy little delinquents and sent them to their rooms while I stood in amazement at the mess.
It's their biggest to date and one can't help but wonder how we got so lucky. At least it was water:)

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