Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Einsteins

All the Becksfort ladies went shopping for Ezra and Sam's birthdays yesterday, the girls were great and the shopping was a lot of fun. Ezra is having a rocket party so we decided to get him something "Little Einsteins" because it has Rocket and because it's musical and because my girls love it too. So we ended up with a little piano that has all kinds of buttons (it will be a miracle if the demo batteries make it to Ezra as Suzy has yet to stop playing with it). It also has pictures of four composers on it and plays samples of their songs when you push their buttons. Suzy calls them the "grandmas". The grandmas play pretty songs for the newborn baby to sleep to. Isn't that nice? Hopefully Lee's newborn baby will love to sleep to them too:)

Oh, and Suzy and the girls got a little jellybean treat the other day. Suzy was on my lap trying to decide whether or not to eat the last one when she dropped it. She looked all over my lap and in the chair when she decided the newborn baby must have eaten her last jellybean. We stood up and found the jellybean but Suzy is still not convinced the newborn baby didn't at least try to eat her jellybean.