Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The twins go to first grade.....

This is a completely new stage in life for the Becksfort clan. All day school for the twins. The girls have done a marvelous job adjusting. They are getting harder to wake in the morning and actually falling asleep at night when we put them to bed. Gone are the days of summer where they would stay in their rooms giggling till 9:30 or 10 pm (more of Jillian's idea than Ali's to be sure as Ali is our early bird). The first day of school was very exciting. Ali was up at 3am, too excited to sleep another wink. Since then we've settled into a wonderful morning routine, enjoying walking to school together with big hugs and kisses for Suzy, Veronica and I at the door.

Suzy has taken to wanting to do "school" at home and I'm quite sure Veronica is wondering at the quietness of the house. The days seem to go so fast. It's still sinking in that the girls get out of school at the same time Mike finishes his day. The twins come home and immediately launch into playing together as they've missed each other all day too. I can see that we will be guarding our evenings together even more closely as a family. How do families do it that have multiple kids on multiple teams in multiple activities. I guess we'll learn some day:)