Wednesday, June 29, 2011

that method

So we were up in Perry to celebrate Oma's 60th birthday. It was a wonderful visit, we got to see Aunt Marlene and cousin Bev as well as the Portland Becksforts. It was a very fun and jolly time. Mike was reading his ipad one morning and starts sharing with us the article that he was reading. It was called "How to land your kids in therapy" and we were having a chuckle at the absurd examples and commenting on the philosophy behind them. Jillian loves to know what's so funny with the adults so she asks Mike what we're all talking and laughing about. Mike goes on to explain that we're talking about parents who are only worried about their kids being happy and not focusing on helping their kids become responsible and healthy adults. Jillian's response? "Can we switch to that method?" - It took me a solid 5 minutes to stop laughing.