Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 6, I think?

So we've very quickly lost track of time and days, all the time zone switching hasn't helped us either. We did arrive at a tourist "attraction" or "trap" as one might say at 7am the morning after we drove through the night. Amazingly enough they are used to crazies like us and were open and we were not their first customers. Someone else showed up at 6:15 am. I've been journaling every day-ish, but i'll just catch you up real quick with some pictures for now. Amazingly enough our campsite has internet, but bad cell reception, but we're only getting on tonight to figure out our coordinates for Yellowstone and a quick picture update to share. We loved the Badlands. It was very fun to climb around on the rocks, and if there wasn't so much stuff to do here around Rushmore, we would be heading back. The good news is that we LOVE South Dakota. There are no mosquitos here. None. no spray and no bites. They should really advertise that more. So we are sure we will be coming back at some point and we will schedule more time to hike (with bigger kiddos) in the Badlands.

We made it to marker 5. It was like a treasure hunt, having to find each marker to head out into the horizon. but then we were tuckered out. 3 hours of sleep for adults and little legs will do that to a crew. Off to get more sleep for now. last day of Black Hills tomorrow.