Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Being big is hard

Veronica came storming in through the garage door, let out a giant sigh and declared "I am SO done with little kids! I am just all done." Insert another giant sigh here "Eden just keeps bossing me around. I am all done with little kids".

For the record, Mike and I both deserve Oscars for not laughing out loud at this dramatic 5 year old. Instead we head straight into parenting mode "did you tell your friend that you were coming inside or did you just leave her out there alone? did you try to use your words to take turns being the boss, come up with other solutions, etc" Veronica said "well, i just told her nothing and came inside" and so we begin our "how would you feel, you need to use your words, you don't just leave guests outside alone and confused".
Now, to get the true atmosphere of this conversation I must point out that it is all occuring while Veronica is walking from the garage door, past us in the living room and heading to the front door. When she reaches the front door, we have gotten to the "you don't just leave people outside alone and confused" part of our parenting speech so she proceeds to open the front door and yells out "Eden! I'm back!" and goes back outside.

Drive thru parenting. One of the best parts of Spring.