Saturday, August 26, 2006

Adventures in leaving the house

Yesterday I decided to leave the house. With all 3 kids. By myself. To shop at the mall. It was our first adventure of the sort since Suzy was born. I prepared the diaper bag, packed up the children and the front pack for Suzy and we were off. Chick fil-a called to us for lunch so we got some nuggets and fruit and I distributed food all around and sat down to eat a warm meal. "Momma, I have to pee". "me too". um, well, we can't pee because there's no one to take you to the bathroom.... we can't leave the food, you can't go alone, can you hold it till we eat? "nope" and the dancing began. ok great. I packed up all the food again and off we head to the bathroom. I cannot bring myself to set down the food on the bathroom counter, so I have a baby strapped to the front of me and a bag of food in one hand while trying to heave the children up one at a time to wash their hands. ok, finished in the bathroom, off to redistribute food and eat cold chicken. Well, at least Gymboree is having a sale and I've got store credit.
God bless the people who installed the little TV in Gymboree, as I get to shop in peaceful bliss for 30 minutes. I am at the counter to check out when my adorable baby (who has been admired repeatedly by the woman helping me) emits a very loud sound. The sound that a mother dreads to hear when she knows her child has not pooped for three days. The woman and I laugh and remark how funny babies are. Then something drips on my toe. UMMMMM...
Suddenly my baby is a little less adorable to the salesclerk. "Do you have any tissues or anything behind the counter?" the woman hands me 11 paper towels. It is not enough. Fortuneately they have a bathroom at the Gymboree where few get to go, but a leaky baby is a free pass. we dripped our way through the store and into the bathroom, where I discovered that miraculously, I was unscathed save my toes. Suzy however had a completely yellow leg. I cleaned her off best I could and we paid our 8 dollars left after the credit and high tailed it home. I do think leaving the house is a bit more risky than it used to be.