Monday, November 20, 2006

New House

Ok, let's see. In order to catch up completely.... we sold our house in a mere 5 weeks. The buyer wanted to move in at the end of the month. We managed to talk her into two more weeks for us to pack and we began to look at houses. Long story short, we found a fantastic ranch in Finneytown. A mere 5 minutes from church, a wooded backyard with no chance of development, the sweetest little old couple who were so sad to part with their dream home (both of whom are authors and thrilled it's going to an English teacher) and a master bedroom with its own bath:)!! Poor cousin Kim who is staying with us while she subs to get into a school district had to move twice in 2 months (although she had decisively less stuff than the rest of us:)
A wonderful crew of friends and family helped us move everything. And as it turns out... we have a ton and I mean a TON of stuff. I really didn't think we did as we lived in a little house by the tracks, but apparently we were just good at hiding all our stuff. We have filled the bigger house- no problem!
The girls are doing well with the move. Since we still see all their same friends, it's not quite so tramatic for them. Suzy is doing great. She is the happiest and most contented baby ever. She still has Daddy's beautiful blue eyes.
We got to meet Ezra for the first time last week. Jeff and Lee and Ezra all came in from Portland. He is a handsome devil and he likes ME!! he did warm up to Uncle Mike, but Aunt Angie didn't require warming up to. It was great. He and Suzy spent some good time chatting and looking quite adorable.
here's a couple pics.....