Tuesday, March 08, 2011


One of my favorite people did a whole house reorganization project last year. I got to hear the trials and tribulations over the several months that an ENTIRE house project can take. I got to celebrate and be very very impressed with the results when she finally finished the last closet. I love my friend, I am impressed with my friend. I am not my friend. I can't keep the top of my desk from becoming a delicately balanced mountain that self generates "caution avalanche area" signs.
That being said, one of the blogs that I like to check out on occasion (occasion being at least 5 times a week) has issued a challenge. 5 weeks to declutter and reorganize 5 "hot spots" in my house. This I might be able to manage. So I'll be posting my before and after pics for posterity so that someday I can have a visual reminder of the subtleties of life in the midst of raising these 4 energetic sweet young things. and plus now i have to do it, because now i have told the interwebs...