Friday, October 19, 2007

Look out sister!

Today the girls were playing a game called Lucky Duck. It was their first time playing with their new game (compliments of Nanny) and all three of them were very intent. Yes, even Suzy because this is a game of a moving stream with quacking sounds with lots of little rubber duckies. The twins were playing with Nanny and they had very nicely given Suzy a game piece and were letting her take turns (ie letting her grab random duckies and create log jams of duckies while the rest played the game). This was ok for a while, but then Suzy got a bee in her bonnet and began stealing Ali's pieces that she had collected out of the stream (collect 3 and you win). Suzy would grab them and hold them as far away from Ali as she could. She would turn her back on Ali with a quite gleeful look on her face. There was much commotion as we would take the pieces back and try to continue with the game. But Suzy was not to be satisfied and Jilli had finally had enough. THOSE ARE AAALLLLLIIIIIIIS! came the loudest holler I have heard out of my firstborn and I can tell you that everything in the room came to a stop. It was actually quite hilarious. Nanny couldn't help but chuckle and I'm looking at Mike like, should we even say anything about that because it's how we all felt and her sister was being a huge pain in the rear. Mike said as sternly as he could muster that we don't scream at Suzy because she is so little and doesn't know any better. However, I firmly believe that my ornery third child knew exactly what she was doing:)