Saturday, October 06, 2007


The girls have taken an interest in the story of their birth. So every morning on the way to preschool this week, I have been asked and have obliged to tell them the story of when they were born. Weds morning Jillian asked to hear the story of Suzy's birth when I was done with theirs. I told them that Suzy's birth was a little different because there was only one baby in my belly. Ali omits this huge and I mean HUGE gasp. "Oooh, poor Suzy!" and Jilli adds "She had no company, no friends!" It was incredibly sweet and just a reminder of how the twins see life a little differently than the rest of us singletons. There was consensus amongst all of the members of the vehicle that Suzy is now very happy to be out of Mommy's belly and have the company and friendship of her big sisters.

I have decided I love driving around with the girls in the Jeep. Especially the twins, they are at a fabulous age for discussions while we tootle around town. Today, my favorite passage came from Ali. Consider that we are singing along with the kids CD when all of a sudden....
"Mom, did I have Motzerella when I was a baby?"
What? Yeah, I mean, I guess. Not when you were a brand new baby, but after a while you're allowed to have cheese . Why?
" No momma, did I have Motzerella when I was a baby?"
What are you talking about Ali?
"Did I have Motzerella poopers like Suzy did today?"
ooooh, you mean Diaherrea?
"Yes, did i have diaherrea when I was a baby?"
Indeed they are both long and complicated words:)

My favorite mis-speaking of Jillians: underrupted. as in "Ali! You underrupted me! I was talking first!"

A little known fact to share... Suzy loves to body slam her sisters. If the girls lay down on the ground on their backs (for instance in the driveway to be traced with chalk), it is like a sonar beacon to Suzy who will arrive from wherever she was previously occupied and launch herself across their stomachs. She giggles and wiggles around there for quite some time, in fact she has never ended a session on her own.